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Instant Whole Groat Oatmeal


Oat Groats by sweetbeetandgreenbean

Start Out Your Day With Real Oatmeal!

This is one of our favorite, easy-to-make recipes. No more cooking oatmeal for 45 minutes. This recipes cooks in about 10minutes, and you still get to eat the whole oat!!  This is the true definition of eating WHOLE FOODS!!!

Why Whole Oat Groats?

Once the oat kernel (called an oat groat) is smashed, the natural oils contained in the groat immediately begin to oxidize, turning these oils rancid. Examples of these pre-smashed oat groats are rolled oats, stone-ground oats and steal-cut oats. Therefore, regardless of the method used to make oatmeal, by the time you buy it, it is an inferior product because of the oxidation process (oxidation causes free radicals!!). Avoid consuming these rancid oils and refrain from buying pre-smashed oats or other grains.

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