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The Missing Link: Healing with Clay

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Medi-Body Packs

External Tissue Detoxification with TRULY Therapeutic Clay Mud Packs

Not your Typical Beauty Mud

A key overlooked factor in literally every disease: hidden, deep-seated toxicity in the ground substance of the body (i.e., the external meridians and connective tissues) which prevents normal nerve and “chi” flow. These embedded toxins can mean years of delayed healing – or none at all. The question is how can these hidden toxins be quickly removed? The answer is therapeutic clay and ionized minerals found in our Medi-Body Packs!  Medi-Body Pack contains clay, peat magma and shilajit all of which have been used for thousands of years by many different cultures. It helps increase circulation, boosts immune system, eases muscle tension and rejuvenates cells.  It assists with the rapid clearing of toxic bioaccumulation (up to 50% of the local toxic elements in a single application) for a return to ideal cellular resonance.

Medi-Body Pack initiates the “thermal effect” which is an increased, deep intrinsic cellular cleansing. It can provide quick resolution of many aches and pains such as hand pain, frozen shoulder, hip problems, foot neuralgia, and the like. Medi-Body Packs are excellent for restoring nerve and energy flow to any scars and traumas- typically anywhere on the body where there is a scar or old injury site such as broken collar bone, broken wrist, sprained ankle, head trauma, etc.

Healing with Clay

What are Medi-Body Packs?

The Medi-Body Packs are an ancient detoxification method using a quantum-state formula of dense minerals found in premium-grade clay, peat magma, shilajit, zeolite and targeted botanical agents such as chlorella. The mud packs are used as a highly effective, cleansing and detoxifying agent that is able to draw out toxins in sites that have been energetically weakened due to scars and traumas.

As the body becomes overwhelmed with toxic exposure from both the environment and lifestyle, the liver cannot keep up. Therefore, the “left over” toxins from the liver get deposited in the areas that have been injured or traumatized. While these sites appear to have healed, on a cellular level they still remain weak. Therefore, these sites do not have the cellular energy to move toxins out of their membranes. As a result, they become the major target for toxin storing leading to an energetically weakened tissue.

We have found that these scar and trauma areas become so weakened energetically, they cause breaks in the natural energetic flow of the body. As a result, organ and gland systems around the trauma sites become weakened and sedated leading to symptoms, pain and illnesses.

Therefore, in addition to providing nutrients to increase the resonance of the organ/gland systems, we also must use Medi-Body Packs (clay) to draw out the toxins and open up the energetic pathways, permanently. We have found that by just using nutrition, over time you will need more nutrition and get less benefit since the natural flow of energy continues to be weakened. Therefore, by opening up these pathways the nutrition is just used to boost the organ/glands while the mud packs allow the body to ultimately heal itself. Dr. Marshall as well as our thousands of practitioner’s have really confirmed how powerful the mud packs are for achieving limitless healing whether you are dealing with chronic pain, acute injury or even disease states.

Ancient Blend of Peat Magma and Botanicals

What is Pelotherapy?

Pelotherapy is the use of natural clay from the earth for therapeutic purposes. Most are familiar Pelotherapy in the form of a facial “mud” mask, but the applications include any form of external poultice and even include the ingestion of clay. Basically speaking, when activated with moisture, clay has a unique drawing capacity which provides its detoxifying benefits.

When high quality clays and muds are applied to a body area, two routes of toxin excretion occur:

1) Toxins are absorbed into the mud mixture itself

2) Toxins are released internally via the G.I tract to be detoxified

It is useful to understand a little about the three primary actions or properties of clay.

Volcanic Clay

Properties of Clay

Absorption: The capacity to bring elements inside the molecular structure of the clay and hold onto them. This process is complex to describe, but is due to the single bond between silicon and aluminum. This bond is responsible for the electrical charge on the internal and external molecular surfaces. The structure of the basic silica tetrahedra creates a negative charge on the external surface and this polarity attracts cations (the toxins) and draws it out of the tissue. In addition to water, clay absorbs aliphatic and aromatic molecules, and hydrocarbons. This property explains how clay is used to reduce certain types of swellings or tumors, drain abscesses and cysts, and cleanse in general.

Adsorption: The capacity to attract elements to the outside of the molecular structure of the clay and therefore hold onto them. The process is similar to absorption, except that the bond is created on the external surface instead of the interior. This capacity increases the ability of clay to bind larger toxins and micro-organisms.

Ionic Exchange (CEC): The capacity to alter the electrical charge of a contacted surface. Clay is continually interacting with its surrounding environment. It is known that ions exchange from the clay to the environment in a non-predictable, yet measurable way. It is non-predictable because specific environmental variations cannot be fully comprehended, and therefore the specific exchange cannot be predicted. The cationic exchange capacity (CEC) is responsible for the balancing effect of clay and is one of the most unique and beneficial therapeutic factors.

Molecular Structures

All clays exhibit the absorption, adsorption and ionic exchange actions; however, clay is formed with a range of molecular structures that change the relative strength of the three main actions.

Kaolin (Medi-Body Pack): Kaolin has a 2-layer structure with a lesser distance between the layers, making it much less aggressive. It is preferred for its gentle action and is therefore even suitable for sensitive individuals, infants or the elderly. Though it is less anti-infectious than the montmorillonite type, kaolin is preferred for wound healing to ensure faster and better repair with less scar tissue formation. It is gently cleansing and pH balancing.

Key Benefits:

  • Gentle, yet deeply effective
  • Combines the finest, truly synergistic ingredients gleaned from the best sources worldwide
  • Restores ideal cellular resonance to the body’s meridian system
  • Increase the flow of “chi” by removing external toxic body burden
  • Removes deep rooted toxins from old injury and scar sites

Open Energy Flow

Ideal for those with the following: 

  • Major Scars (C-Sections, Episiotomy…), especially those from childhood
  • Broken Bones (current or previous)
  • Surgical Incisions
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Unexplained Health Symptoms
  • Unresponsive Organ Dysfunction
  • Heavy Metal/Chemical Toxicity
  • Chronic Skin Ailments
  • Poor Energetic Flow (Chi) through Meridians
  • Chronic Edema
  • Wounds that will not Heal

Practitioner Testimonies: 

“In my opinion, the main reason the magnificent detox therapies of the past using clay and moor mud are so little used today is the lack of therapeutic-grade ingredients (i.e. some clays are even toxic). With the Medi-Body Packs, doctors can finally offer their patients deep-seated, whole body cleansing of the ground substance of the entire body. After using these with hundreds of patients, my wake-up call was that the meridian channels and connective tissue are routinely saturated with toxic “bio-garbage” which commonly prevents the full return to health. This embedded toxicity is often little affected by oral supplements. Now we have Medi-Body Packs to address that toxicity.”

“In a single application of clay packs to my left TMJ, all symptoms cleared (after years of therapies), I’ve seen many others with similar spectacular “overnight” results. What a great concept! Deep local cellular cleansing with mud packs to draw out “stuck toxins.” Definitely one of the most overlooked therapies today!”


Beyond Organic, Synergistic, Proprietary Blend:
Therapeutic-grade, unheated, rare Volcanic Clay (rhyolitic tuff breccia, rich in naturally occurring, beneficial minerals and rare earths), unheated Kaolin Clay, Indian Shilajit (Asphaltum) [a mineral resin from high mountainous areas of India, rich in fulvic and humic acids], Peat Magma (a carbon-matrix humate, rich in natural humic and fulvic acids)

Beyond Organic, Synergistic, Non-hybrid Botanical Agents:
South American Saussurea (root) (Saussurea lappa), European Bilberry (berry) (Vaccinium myrtillus), Skullcap Root (Scutellaria lat.), Garcinia Cambogia (fruit), French Maritime Pine Bark (Pinus pinaster), Indian Cardamon (seed) (Electtaria ardamomum), Chinese Fermented Mycelial Maitake Extract (Grifola frondosa), European Beta Sitosterol, Wild Grown Blue-Green Algae (whole) (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae), Grade A Japanese Chlorella (whole) (Chlorella pyrenoidosa), Grade 10 Indian Noni (mature fruit and seed) (Morinda citrifolia), Grade 10 Indian Turmeric (rhizome) (Curcuma longa), Primary-Grown Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, Nonhybrid European Vegetable Extracts of Alfalfa, Beet and Tomato.

Total Contents: Approximately 2 and one-quarter cups: (approx. 15 treatments)

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The following products are mixed into the powder to make the clay pack:
Betaine HCL and Detox ND.

Follow each Medi Body Pack Session with a Medi Blast.

For instructions on how to use the Medi Body Pack please go HERE. In order to determine an individualized program for you, please set up an appointment via email: or via phone: 877-424-4333

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