Medi-Soak (2.38 lbs)


Therapeutic Salt, Mineral and Clay Baths for Electrolyte Restoration

This rejuvenating formula is made with four key, world-class sources of highly piezoelectrically active, unheated sea minerals from the Mediterranean Sea, the Dead Sea, Hawaii and prehistoric land deposits, coupled with unheated, quantum-state sea vegetation.

Medi-Soak™, when used as a foot soak or whole-body bath, provides extraordinary, body-wide replacement and restoration of key natural-source electrolytes and other minerals, often compromised by medical drugs, a mineral-deficient diet, extreme stress, chemical exposure, lack of sleep, chronic illness and many other factors. This is an ideal place to begin restoring energy, vitality and minerals to the body through therapeutic-grade baths. Medi-Soak is not your typical bath salts and will restore electrolytes unlike any other product. Whether you are an athlete looking for relief, or a person dealing with chronic disease or weakness, these baths are the first step in health restoration. Not to mention, used weekly, they are an imperative part of any anti-aging program.

How Does the Medi-Soak Work?
The Medi-Soak™ is typically used as a foot bath, for approximately 20 minutes in warm water, which can gently detoxify the entire body via its maximum cation exchange capacity from its multiple, highly ionized natural sea mineral sources. When the feet are immersed in the Medi-Soak™ solution, a remarkable ion exchange occurs. Nutritive minerals are taken up through the many sensitive acupressure areas of the feet into systemic circulation and simultaneously, there is a gentle exchange of toxic compounds which are liberated into the water from the body. The Medi-Soak™ can be used effectively and without concern for side effects, even for the chronically compromised and elderly – all the way to the competition athlete. To feel immediately refreshed after a long day, many people enjoy the soothing effect of the Medi-Soak™ foot bath. If preferred, the Medi-Soak may be used as a whole body bath as well with outstanding success.

Breezing Through a Detox. The Medi-Soak™ can be a significant help for those suffering from detox symptoms. In fact, many practitioners often recommend a Medi-Soak™ foot bath when a person is experiencing uncomfortable detox symptoms – such as mood swings, mental fogginess, physical pain anywhere in the body as well as many other detox complaints. The Medi-Soak™ foot bath can be a real ace to help rapidly clear these distressing detox symptoms and may allow even an elderly person to regain a better sense of well being and balance in a relatively short time.

For Use with the Medi Blast. The Medi-Soak™ is also a critical component of the Medi-Blast - a 50/50 blend of the Medi-Body Bath™ and Medi-Soak™. It combines the premium sea minerals from the Medi Soak™ with the deeply purifying volcanic clay, peat magma and crystalline mineral formula found in the Medi-Body Bath™ . Together, these two formulas provide a rejuvenating, yet deeply purifying foot bath that directly pulls released toxins from pathways in the whole body while restoring lost electrolytes.  A Medi Blast is great after any type of detoxification protocol such as a Medi-Body Pack™, Castor Pack, Liver Flush or Intestinal Cleanse. You may also use the Medi-Blast anytime if you are feeling low energy, sluggish or tired. Medi Blast Instructions.


Solar-Dried, Prehistoric Minerals, Hawaiian Red Alea Clay, Hawaiian Sea Minerals, Solar-Dried Dead Sea Minerals, Unheated Mediterranean Sea Crystals, Laminaria Digitata (Kelp) Fronds, Ascophyllum Nodosum (Atlantic Kelp) Fronds, Syzygium Arom. (Clove) Bud
Recommended Uses:

Foot Bath - Adults of children (age 1 or up): Place 1 cup of Medi-Soak and 8 cups of warm water in a plastic (nonmetallic) container wide enough to place your feet. This 8:1 ratio (water to Medi Soak™) allows maximum ionic exchange of toxins. Briefly swish the contents around in the water with your hand. Some of the mineral crystals will dissolve but not all. Retaining some whole crystals in the bath helps create a strong, cleansing piezoelectric effect. Soak feet for 10-20 minutes, then towel dry feet. Discard water – do not re-use. For best results, after the bath, spend 10 minutes outside to receive beneficial solar radiation.
Whole Body Bath - Adults or children: Add 2 cups of Medi-Soak™ to bath water. Swish contents around to dissolve the crystals. Soak in bath for 10 to 20 minutes, rinse and towel dry. For best results, after the bath, spend 10 minutes outside to receive beneficial solar radiation.

Total Contents: Approximately 3½ cups (3 treatments)

Violite™ Protected: Patent-pending dark violet-colored, PET plastic bottle engineered to block light between 450-720 nm, the range at which damage to nutrients occurs.



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