Pink Salt (12 oz)


Truly Unrefined, Unheated Pink Sea Salt

Essential Minerals, HCL Support and Hydration

Premier Pink Salt is a blend of two premium, unprocessed sea salts from ancient, non-polluted sea beds. This natural, sun dried salt contains valuable trace minerals and sodium chloride. These minerals, undamaged by heat, retain their high energy, unaltered molecular structure which is ideal for helping to maintain the extracellular and intracellular fluid balance in the body. Not to mention it tastes great!! 

The Mediterranean Meets Hawaii
The first hearty sea salt comes from the cool, blue, unpolluted waters of the Mediterranean Sea and is obtained through solar evaporation. Sea water is transferred through a series of evaporation ponds, while the hot, dry climate and gentle breezes hasten the evaporation process leaving behind only sparkling salt crystals, containing valuable trace elements.

The second premium salt is pink Alaea Hawaiian sea salt. Over the centuries, this gourmet, solar-dried sea salt has been traditionally mixed with health-promoting, pink Alaea clay from the Hawaiian Islands, giving the salt a slightly pink color, naturally dense in trace elements. It is known as a sacred salt by the ancient Hawaiians.

  • No more fear of Salt!!
  • A delicious addition to hearty, savory foods
  • Sodium is necessary for adequate production of hydrochloric acid-- especially for young children
  • Excellent source of electrolytes, add a pinch to your water
  • Outstanding as an intestinal cleanser. See Salt Flush for more details.

Unheated Sea Salt can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Essential for Digestion- salt aids in HCL (hydrochloric acid) production in the stomach, needed for digestion, normal Bowel Movements and Acid Reflux Prevention
  • Stabilizes Irregular Heartbeat and Regulates Blood Pressure
  • Creates an Alkaline Environment- pushes excess acidity from cells
  • Needed for the Absorption of Nutrients through the Intestinal Tract
  • Helps Balance Blood Sugar Levels
  • Needed for Nerve Transmission 
  • Essential for Normal Fluid Balance- Prevents Edema, Excess Water Weight
  • Clears Mucus and Phlegm- especially in sinuses
  • Prevents Muscle Cramps and Twitching
  • Makes Bones Strong- 27% of the body's salt content is in bone
  • Essential for Kidney Health- helps prevents gout, kidney stones and kidney failure
  • Plays a Role in Sleep Regulation
  • Keeps the Body Hydrated- Clear, Glowing, Soft Skin
  • Prevents Chapped Lips
  • Aids in Prevention of Rashes, Eczema, Psoriasis 
  • Plays a Role in Spider and Varicose Vein Prevention
  • Essential for Adrenal Health- Aids in Normal Inflammation Response, Stress Relief, Antihistamine
  • Often Aids in Asthma Relief, especially in Children
  • Combats Parasitic Infection in Animals
  • Combats Pinworms

Why Sodium is Important
Sodium from salt (unrefined) is the primary positive ion found in the blood and body fluids. In a healthy environment, sodium is found mostly in fluids outside cells and about 10 percent inside cells, with about 30 percent concentrated in bones. Sodium works closely with potassium as the primary intra-cellular mineral, which acts as an essential electrolyte and is closely tied with the movement of water. Along with potassium, sodium helps to regulate the fluid balance of the body, both within and outside cells.

Through function of the kidneys, by buffering the blood with a balance of positive or negative ions, sodium and potassium help to control acid/alkaline balance. The flow of sodium and potassium across the cell membranes helps to create an electrical charge that enables muscle contraction and nerve conduction. Sodium is also important in the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach and is used in the transport of amino acids from the digestive tract into the blood.

Simultaneous loss of water and sodium can initiate low blood pressure, whereas loss of sodium alone can contribute to water retention in cells. Balance of potassium to sodium levels is necessary for proper function of the sodium/potassium “cell pump” and proper cell fluid levels.

All Sea Salt is Not Equal
Premier Pink Salt is free of flow or anti clump additives. Many salts are highly heated, have chemicals added or are refined which can damage its chemical properties and reduce its content of trace minerals. Commercial salt is typically heated to extremely high temperatures, over 1,0000 Fº, to super-dry the salt so that it will pour easily and not clump (a dubious advantage). This super-heating deranges the molecular configurations of the minerals in the salt. Many researchers point out the toxic reaction of the body to commercial, highly heated salt. In contrast, natural unheated sea salt reacts favorably in the body, delivering many minerals. In addition, unlike most commercial sea salts, Premier Pink Salt is ground using nickel-free grinders, ensuring that no toxic metals will be present. Most brands of natural sea salt can't say that!!

Servings (1/8 tsp.) per bottle: approx. 565 servings
Each 1/8 tsp. contains: Blend of Mediterranean sea salt and Hawaiian Alaea sea salt

Calories 0
Total Fat 0g
Sodium 480mg
Total Carbohydrates 0g
Protein 0g

Recommended Use:

In order to maintain essential minerals, never cook with Pink Salt; add to your food after cooking. Also add a pinch to your water for cellular hydration. Use daily in place of table salt.


Health Beyond Hype is authorized to distribute nutritional products manufactured by:

Premier Research Labs, Austin, TX.

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